A name, a symbol of our ambition

Because the Group's ambition is to always aim higher while maintaining flexibility and continual improvement, the founders chose the name Elcimaï, after a well know rock climbing site in the South of France.

The company was initially an SSII [société de services en ingénierie informatique-computer engineering services company], but has broadened the range of services it provides with the acquisition in 2000 of the Ouroumoff Ingénierie consulting firm, specialising in building services engineering, logistics and processes. This has allowed us to propose a global range of services to cater for projects which involve setting up a business, construction, production, and using IT systems for planning, scheduling and control.

With two main centres of activity, Elcimaï Informatique [IT] and Elcimaï Ingénierie [engineering], the Elcimaï Group has achieved sustainable stability coupled with strong growth potential.

Elcimaï remains convinced that major industrial, logistics and IT systems reorganisation projects require a transversal approach to make sure that the solution is adaptive, relevant and sustainable.

For us, performance should owe nothing to chance...

The Elcimaï Group has developed in parallel with its customers in both technical and human areas. The Group’s business strategy is based on developing long term customer relationships and partnerships, with both parties' operational and administration staff working closely together. Paying attention to customer business sustainability indicators is one of the best proofs of customer satisfaction.
Each year the Group has grown, whether by internal expansion, or, as in the last five years, by acquisition. We now have a mix of diversified activities around the basic core of construction engineering services, IT and related logistics and processes.

Keeping customers happy and loyal also means that our personnel must continuously develop and increase their skills. Given the Elcimaï Group's ambitions, we have developed a specific strategy to enhance and develop our human capital.


Respect, our most fundamental value

The Elcimaï Group has been built on respect. As our founding value, it is prevalent across all our activities, is the driving force behind everything the company undertakes, and is shared by all the personnel. The Group has used these high standards as a benchmark for its business ethics which has created a solid base of customer confidence and subsequently assured sustainability.

Customer Testimonial

Elcimai has been working with Ricoh France for over 10 years to maintain the quality of our IT systems.  The developments they have accomplished have been relevant, pertinent, of high quality and delivered on schedule. We appreciate working with Elcimai. Their personnel are efficient and highly knowledgeable concerning IT systems. They all have good teamwork skills and work well with the IT and specialised skills teams at Ricoh France.” Pierre MESSMER - Project Director.