«Elcimaï having the ISO 9001 label means that the company takes its responsibilities seriously. It also provides customers with an extra guarantee of the professionalism of the work we undertake».

Jean-Michel MENOT, Quality Assurance Manager, Elcimaï Informatique.

In concrete terms, our QA is based on:

The skills of our specially chosen employees, who are given the relevant training throughout their career in the Group:

  • a full understanding of customer requirements
  • respecting and fulfilling commitments
  • rigorous working practices
  • regularly referring to management control data
  • respecting the professionalism of each activity
  • making sure that each organisation is continually improving.

Elcimaï Informatique achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2006.

Elcimaï Ingénierie achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1993.